What’s for dinner at Holiday Pitch?   Healthy and Awesome.

We’re excited to partner with the Fairfield County Food Forum for our first “Holiday Pitch” event this coming Wednesday 12/6/17. Thanks also to BevMax, our Beer and Wine sponsor and Audience Choice Award sponsor Bestest. Holiday Pitch is raising funds for the Wall Street Theater and April Jackson’s SWAG aftershool program. To learn more about the networking and startup pitch part of the event and access a discounted ticket, click here.  But let’s get back to the food….

The Fairfield County Food Forum is a collective of 10 plus companies who have banded together to support each other as they grow. Here are the members of the Food Forum who will be feeding us on Weds

MaiKana Foods is the brainchild of Jamieson (Jamie) VanLoan. As Jamie puts it:
“After closing my widely popular restaurant in Costa Rica and moving back to my hometown of Darien, I decided to work on my eating habits and focus on wholesome real food. The same food that was so easily accesible in Costa Rica but not so easy (or cheap) in Fairfield County. I knew if I found it difficult to navigate this healthy path, even as a Chef, then so must a lot of people. So Maikana Foods was born! My goal with Maikana Foods is to make really and truly wholesome delicious power bowls and meals available to those who want to live a better, healthier life.  Bring on the pura vida!” 

MaiKana delivers fresh healthy food, based on your order. Here’s a link to their current Menu.


NitNoi Provisions is run by Jillian and North Shutsharawan. About NitNoi: “people are constantly looking for healthier, tastier food so we decided it’s the perfect time to produce with passion and share our family’s Thai recipes.”

“We believe in using humanly raised animals and organic ingredients from local farms because it’s more flavorful and better for you and the environment. We brew in small batches to reduce food waste and are constantly working on less harmful packaging for the environment.”

You’ve seen NitNoi at many local farmer’s markets, want to order? Click here.

NitNoi often partners with Wave Hill Breads. They donated some of their awesome bread to the event.  Thanks Wave Hill!

We will have dessert from:

Nutty Bunny Non-Dairy Frozen Deserts — Pamela Aflalo’s Nutty Bunny “products are made in small batches in Westport, Connecticut. All ingredients are 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO and are naturally gluten-free. We do not use any artificial sweeteners and there are no funky, unpronounceable substances. We simply use nature’s purest ingredients. We also use local sources whenever possible.” http://www.nutty-bunny.com/frozen-deserts/


Nutshell — Fresh, Nutritious, Delicious Nutbars. At Will D’agostino’s Nutshell “we source the best ingredients because how else could we make the best bar. From Walnuts and Flax Seeds to Cranberries and Quinoa Puffs, all of our ingredients are organic, Gluten-Free and Vegan.”

“While many other bars are made with a long assembly line of machines, Nutshell bars are hand-made in small batches for the highest quality snack.” https://www.nutshellco.com/

And we will have coffee from Westport’s Winfield Street Deli —  https://winfielddeli.com/ Thanks Breno and Jeanette Donatti!

Holiday Pitch will also feature great networking, tunes from DJ Juelz and a cash prize pitch event. Click here to get your discounted ticket!

See you Weds at Factory Underground,

Peter Propp and Barry Schwimmer
Northeast Community Innovation Corp.


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